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Election Results: How Did States Vote on Recreational Marijuana?

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While people anxiously awaited the results of the 2016 presidential election, Marijuana legalization--one of the nation's top categories of ballot measures--had a strong and decisive night. Four states joined Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and the District of Columbia in legalizing recreational marijuana for adults 21 years and older. Find out how America voted below!

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Image Courtesy of Håkan Dahlström : License (CC BY 2.0)

Image Courtesy of Håkan Dahlström; License (CC BY 2.0)

Results: Passed

Proposition 64  legalized recreational marijuana for those over 21. It will also set up how marijuana will be marketed and distributed.

Analysis: The measure was approved by California voters with 56 percent of votes, making it the most populous state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana. Effective immediately, individuals can legally possess an ounce of pot and up to six plants in their residence. Medical dispensaries will not be able to sell marijuana to recreational users, and cultivators cannot legally sell it until they get licensed by the state, which won’t happen until January 2018.

Many experts believe that this decision will set the tone for legalization throughout the rest of the country. “This vote will dramatically accelerate the end of federal marijuana prohibition,” Tom Angell, chairman of drug policy reform group Marijuana Majority, told The Huffington Post.

For more information on marijuana legalization state by state, click here for “The State of Weed.”

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