Obama Upstaged by Anger Translator Keegan-Michael Key at the WHCD

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The White House Correspondents’ Association hosted its 101st annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday in a star-studded D.C. event. At the dinner, journalists and politicians alike got conservatively glammed up to rub elbows with celebrities like Jane Fonda and Laverne Cox for a night of entertainment. The association gives out scholarships too–but lets be real, it’s all about the celebs and the comedy.

The event is usually hosted by a comedian to liven things up a bit, and this year was no exception, as SNL funny woman Cecily Strong took center stage. But this year president Obama had something else pretty funny in store for his attendees–his new “anger translator” Luther.

Luther is one of the many characters played by “Key & Peele” comedian Keegan-Michael Key. In Luther sketches, Key usually stars opposite his co-star Jordan Peele’s mild mannered Obama impersonation. Luther is supposed to be the embodiment of everything the president wishes he could say. This time Key traded Peele in for the real life POTUS in a self-deprecating yet pointed exchange that mocked Ted Cruz’s campaign and compared Hillary Clinton to “Game of Thrones” character Daenerys Targaryen.

But it was the moment when Obama started to get a little heated himself, requiring his anger translator to intervene, that stole the show. After interrupting the president Luther emphatically stated: “You don’t need an anger translator, you need counseling!”

Key made sure to thank his absent co-star for creating a sketch that could so seamlessly incorporate the real POTUS, to which Peele responded:

Key also tweeted his excitement over the event:

If you missed the hilarious exchange, watch Key’s stint as an anger translator for Obama below.

I don’t think I’m alone in hoping that Luther can make a surprise appearance at all Presidential speeches from now on.

Alexis Evans
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