Vanessa Hudgens Suspected of Defacing Arizona Red Rock

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Actress Vanessa Hudgens and her beau Austin Butler may be in trouble with the law after an Instagram photo the “High School Musical” star posted shows their first names carved into some distinctive Arizona red rock. Authorities believe that the defaced rock in question is located in or around Sedona in the Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest. Put simply: you are not supposed to carve things into these rocks–and if it’s determined that Hudgens and Butler did so, they could be on the hook for a $5,000 fine and up to six months in prison.

If they did carve their names into one of the famous Arizona red rocks, Hudgens and Butler may have broken a law that criminalizes “damaging natural surfaces or property of the United States.” While the Instagram post with the carved rock has since been taken down, when it was still up it featured the caption “Happy Valentine’s Day boo boo bears.” Additionally, other pictures of Hudgens and Butler from their romantic vacation with the hashtag #SedonaDreams remain on Instagram.

The incident is now allegedly under investigation. Brady Smith, a Coconino National Forest spokesman said he is not sure whether or not the investigators have managed to locate the rock on which Hudgens and Butler scratched their undying love, especially given that it could be essentially anywhere within the 250-square mile Red Rock Ranger District. They are also apparently looking for more evidence on social media, and trying to locate any witnesses.

Hudgens and Butler probably shouldn’t be too worried–it’s doubtful that they’ll actually face any jail time for their carvings. But they may have to pay a fine, which could range from $100-$5,000, and they may end up with misdemeanors on their records. While there apparently aren’t any signs that expressly tell visitors not to carve into the rocks, it stands to reason that it’s common sense not to deface national land. Hudgens and Butler, therefore, may have to pay for that lack of common sense in this instance.

Anneliese Mahoney
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