Well, That Didn’t Work Out How Fox News Planned #OverIt2014

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The folks over at Fox and Friends learned a valuable lesson in social media engagement this week–actually, who knows if they’re even paying attention, considering they met the same fate as the NYPD’s failed #myNYPD campaign earlier in 2014 . The morning show hosts tried to build a year-end social media swell with this tweet featuring Survivor contestant turned talk show host Elisabeth Hasselbeck:

I’m guessing that what ensued isn’t exactly what the team had hoped for. Twitter responded–and continues to do so today–with a barrage of tweets attacking the network for a variety of offenses from homophobia to religious intolerance. Check out some of the responses in the slideshow below.

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Chelsey D. Goff
Chelsey D. Goff was formerly Chief People Officer at Law Street. She is a Granite State Native who holds a Master of Public Policy in Urban Policy from the George Washington University. She’s passionate about social justice issues, politics — especially those in First in the Nation New Hampshire — and all things Bravo. Contact Chelsey at staff@LawStreetMedia.com.



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