Inauguration Day Protests Erupt Throughout Washington D.C.

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Today, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Trump’s bruising, baffling, and bludgeoning journey to this moment left many with a sour taste in their mouths. He had an unprecedented journey–a billionaire with no political experience securing the highest office in the land. Along the way, Trump torched a litany of people, from his admonishing of Mexicans as “rapists” to his dismissal of the country’s intelligence organizations in their conclusion that Russia propped him up.

And so, as thousands hit the National Mall to cheer “Trump!” thousands more have stormed the nation’s capital to proclaim “not my president!” Law enforcement officials said they expect 63 protests around the city on Friday, with more to come, including the Woman’s March, on Saturday. Protesters camped out at checkpoints around the city on Friday morning. Some danced. Some walked arm in arm. And some smashed windows. But all had something to say.

Before the ceremony began, protesters with #DisruptJ20 streamed past police officers, some of whom tried to disperse the crowd with tear gas:

Other protesters expressed their disapproval of Trump in a more aggressive manner. In the downtown sections of the city, some protesters, calling themselves “anti-fascist, anti-capitalist,” chucked bricks at windows–including this limousine:

Chaos ensued in other parts of the city, far away from the peaceful transfer of power on the steps of the U.S. Capitol:

One group of protesters even included a certain arctic-dwelling bear:

President Barack Obama, for one, added his voice to the of millions of others who wish to be heard today and tomorrow:

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