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The Capitalista’s Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

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Standing out as a young entrepreneur can be difficult. There are many small steps budding business men and women can take to bring themselves closer to being successful in the field. Some strategies are as small as keeping up on current events, but others take more time and effort. From the small tips to the more significant tips, here’s a list of the Capitalista’s pointers for being a successful young entrepreneur.

Know Every Aspect of Your Industry and Then Some

Know more about your industry than just the two biggest names in that field. Maybe the little guys will be more helpful in your search. All entrepreneurs should brush up on their knowledge of the tech field. Pretty much every company today has some tech-related component. Observing and understanding your target audience’s technology habits will help you reach them better. Lastly, make sure the business you build is right for you. Does your company mesh with your personal life? Does your business have its own niche? These are all things entrepreneurs should consider before delving into the market.

Be prepared to dress for success

Sometimes the key to success starts with the way one presents him or herself to others. Entrepreneurs should always be prepared to look the part of a strong, successful businessperson, even if a suit isn’t part of their daily wardrobe. Stay prepared by keeping some vital items in your closet. For women, that could include a pair of flat shoes, a pair of dress pants and a simple button-up. For men, a clean suit, shirt, and tie will usually do. These items may be useful when you least expect it, and on a moment’s notice.

Keep Up with Current Events

What better way to connect with others than to discuss the trends? Knowing what’s going on in the world — whether it be news, pop culture, or business — is a great way to start conversations with fellow entrepreneurs. Networking is imperative for entrepreneurs, as it helps create and maintain relationships with potential partners, vendors, or even customers. Attend local trade association events, reach out to other local business people and community leaders, and participate in online discussions. Use your knowledge of current events and trends to foster these relationships.

Learn to Accept Criticism

A young entrepreneur who can accept constructive criticism exhibits his or her strength as a businessperson. Though women are more likely to receive criticism in the workplace, they should never allow these critiques to hinder their entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore, entrepreneurs should learn to become their own harshest critics. Kelsey Ramsden, a $50 million entrepreneur and founder of four companies, says wise entrepreneurs are capable of judging themselves without bias. This means successful entrepreneurs are honest with themselves about their capabilities and maintain realistic goals.

Starting and growing a business is not an easy feat to accomplish. Oftentimes, finding funding is one of the hardest parts. In order to get a leg up on your competitors and learn about how to grow your idea, read “How Does the JOBS Act Help Millennial Entrepreneurs?”

Just remember, that in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, young entrepreneurs should keep these tips in mind to strengthen their businesses and their careers.

Natasha Paulmeno
Natasha Paulmeno is an aspiring PR professional studying at the University of Maryland. She is learning to speak Spanish fluently through travel, music, and school. In her spare time she enjoys Bachata music, playing with her dog, and exploring social media trends. Contact Natasha at



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