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Georgetown, Butler Bulldog Mascots Strong Contenders for 2016

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Loyal, compassionate, obedient, and unconditionally loving: these two new presidential hopefuls seem to be everything this country needs.

Sick of the GOP and the Democratic Party? Sick of politicians in general? If so, you might want to check out the Canine Party.

Meet Butler Blue III and Georgetown Jack, two bulldogs who represent their respective universities (Butler University and Georgetown University). They have teamed up to run for the presidency this year.

The duo unveiled their campaign in a video posted to Youtube, and it is arguably the best (almost) three minutes of the entire election season so far.

“Take for instance, a homegrown set of Midwestern values matched with a West Coast kid turned Washington insider,” the narrator says in the video. “…or Butler Blue’s courage to speak his mind for the good of all and Georgetown Jack’s enduring composure, demonstrating unparalleled grace under pressure.” The video highlights their strengths–the narrator talks about “one’s unmatched goal oriented drive coupled with the other’s innovative efficiency.” It also states that “it’s clear the individual strengths of Butler Blue and Georgetown Jack speak for themselves, yet the combined power of this doggy duo speaks for America.”

While a dog has never held the presidency, many have resided in the White House, making it difficult for voters and opponents to discredit their legitimacy. This isn’t even the first time an animal has run for office. For example, the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska who has been in office since 1997 is a cat named Mayor Stubbs. Duke, an eight-year-old dog, is the elected mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota.

During an election season filled with surprise candidates who are favored because of their “distance” from politics, it would be no surprise to see these two candidates running up the polls and chasing the bone that is the presidency.

Huge #CanineParty endorsement coming in this morning from @zeldathebulldog!

In addition to these two pups, apparently the bulldog mascot of Drake University is also running for president, which he announced in November.

We’re not sure which pup is planning on taking the presidency and who will be taking the VP position, but the strategic approach of running as a pair will definitely give them (two) legs up on the rest of the competition.

Julia Bryant
Julia Bryant is an Editorial Senior Fellow at Law Street from Howard County, Maryland. She is a junior at the University of Maryland, College Park, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Economics. You can contact Julia at



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