Best Republican Tweets From the Democratic Debate

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Twitter went crazy during last night’s Democratic debate, as everyone had something to say about the candidates and their plans for the country. In fact, many Republican candidates felt compelled to respond to what their Democratic counterparts were saying on stage. Mike Huckabee and Lindsey Grahm even live-tweeted their comments as the debate unfolded. By the end of the night, most of the Republican candidates got their fair share of jabs in on the Democrats, particularly when it came to Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a quick roundup of the most interesting tweets from Republicans:

Jeb Bush calls out Hillary Clinton on the Keystone pipeline:

Everyone’s favorite criticism of Hillary Clinton is that she’s a woman whose every move has a political motivation behind it. When she brought up her opposition to the Keystone pipeline, which she announced recently despite an ongoing debate between Democrats and Republicans, her critics seized the opportunity to call her out for playing politics.

Donald Trump

The most popular 2016 Twitter user also got his fair share of comments in last night. Donald Trump started off by pointing out Martin O’Malley’s difficult record in Maryland, particularly in the case of Baltimore.

He also made some more general comments about the participants, highlighting the polling gaps between the candidates–and we all know Trump loves to talk about poll results.

This one is pretty clearly a shot at Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee, whose polling averages are below one percent nationally.

Bobby Jindal also chimed in after Anderson Cooper asked Bernie Sanders about his identity as a “Democratic Socialist.”

Mike Huckabee had several things to say throughout the debate–he had a couple bad and off-color jokes:


But later it got even weirder:

And finally, Lindsey Grahm just gave up:


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