The Jebbiest Jeb! Moments of the 2016 Race

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If you had any doubt that politics are more like "Veep" than "The West Wing," Jeb! Bush resoundingly proves that awkward tragicomedy is the reigning genre of Washington. Constantly avoiding comparisons to his older brother, taking his mother along for campaign appearances, and struggling with a "glasses-on or glasses-off" wardrobe choice, Jeb!'s presidential campaign feels more like a kid desperately trying to run for class president after his brother ran a few years ago promising free pizza for lunch and ended up invading the neighboring middle school. You might find Jeb! listed in the thesaurus as an antonym for suave—and his total inability to hide how poorly he is doing gives him a touch of humanity that is never afforded to a frontrunner. Here, we've collected the most "Jebby" moments of the 2016 campaign, for your cringe-inducing pleasure.

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“Mission Accomplished”

You’d think that someone whose brother infamously spoke below a “Mission Accomplished!” banner in one of his greatest political gaffes ever would avoid that phrase at all costs. I’d bet that in the Bush household, even when a mission is accomplished, they just mutter “job completed” or “task finished” while glaring knowingly at Dubya. (I realize that the Bush family doesn’t all live in one multigenerational home, but tell me you wouldn’t watch that sitcom!). Still, when all Jeb! has to be proud of in Iowa is “low expectations,” he strikes a Rocky pose and declares: “Mission Accomplished!”

Sean Simon
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