Anti-Gay Clerk Kim Davis to Attend President Obama’s Final SOTU

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Do you guys remember Kim Davis? You know, the t-shirt layering Kentucky clerk who kicked off the Supreme Court’s landmark marriage equality ruling by illegally denying gay couples marriage licenses under “God’s authority?”

Well if you thought her 15 minutes of fame were up, you’re wrong. Davis has reportedly been invited by a secret lawmaking admirer to attend President Obama’s final State of the Union tonight–and people are not happy about it.

Davis’s attendance openly contrasts that of Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the landmark marriage equality case, who has also been invited along with Army Ranger Lisa Jaster and engineer (and immigrant) Oscar Vazquez to attend Obama’s speech. They, along with other guests, will help to commemorate Obama’s accomplishments over the past year, while he lays out his plans for his final year in office.

The identity of Davis’ mystery date is still unknown, but whoever they are is clearly making one big passive-aggressive gesture for GOP optics.  After the controversial clerk’s presence was confirmed, social media users began voicing their distaste for Davis online:

While we’re not quite sure how all of this will play out, it is likely to be some kind of spectacle. But hey, if Davis is looking for a post-speech night cap to calm the nerves she’s already got an invite to DC’s famed gay sports bar Nellie’s. I wonder if she’ll take him up on the offer: 

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