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Last week’s top stories again included women protesting Indiana’s abortion bill, as well as a look at Lewis & Clark Law School’s public interest law program and Duke University’s sit-in protests. ICYMI, check out the top stories below.

Periods for Pence: Update Your Governor on Your Menstrual Cycle Today!

Women in Indiana are getting fired up about HEA 1337, a controversial abortion bill signed into law by Indiana Governor Mike Pence this past week. To stand up for what they believe is an infringement on women’s right to privacy, women from all over the state are calling the governor to inform him about their menstrual cycles. Read the full article here.

Advocating with a Passion: Why a Career in Public Interest Law is Worth Considering

Public interest lawyers provide voices to the members of our society who are so often overlooked, help to save the environment, take on oppressive laws, and fight for fairness. If you are a changer-of-the world looking for meaningful work that will feed your desire to make real change, public interest law is a path you should consider. Lewis & Clark Law School, located in Portland, Oregon, has one of the leading Public Interest Law programs in the country, making it a great place for aspiring public interest lawyers to get their start. Read the full article here.

#DismantleDukePlantation: Duke Student Protests Continue

Sit-in protests continue at Duke University, where students are enraged by the actions of some of their school administrators. The protests began last Friday afternoon when nine students occupied the second floor lobby of the Allen Building, home to the school’s administrative offices.Why are Duke students protesting? Read the full article here.

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