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Last week’s top stories on Law Street  featured the top schools for tax law programs, social media reporting the officer-involved shooting death of Leek Moss, and the banning of burkinis from Cannes beaches. ICYMI–Check out the top stories from Law Street below!

1. Top Schools for Tax Law Programs 2016

Law Street concluded its annual rankings of law school specialty programs last week with tax law. For a list of the top ten schools and honorable mentions, check out the infographic here.

2. Leek Moss: Social Media Reports Black Teen Killed by Officer in PA

This morning, I opened up social media to discover news about yet another Black man dead after an officer-involved shooting. Although details are still incredibly fuzzy, according to a few different accounts, last night a man named Leek Moss was shot and killed by Harrisburg, Pennsylvania police. Read the full article here.

3. Muslim Women Can No Longer Wear Burkinis to the Beach in Cannes

The Mayor of Cannes, in Southern France, has banned the “burkini” from its beaches. He claims it is a threat to public order and a symbol of radical Islam. A “burkini” is simply a garment that some Muslim women wear to the beach; it covers a wearer’s whole body and hair, but not her face. Read the full article here.

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