Suspects on the Loose After San Francisco Shooting That Injured Four

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San Francisco police are currently looking for four male suspects involved in the shooting of four students outside of the June Jordan School for Equity.

Three of the victims–all teenage males–are said to have been treated for non-life threatening injuries, while a 15-year-old female remains in critical condition with an upper-body gunshot wound at San Francisco General Hospital.

The shots rang out in the parking lot outside of the school shortly after the school let out at approximately 3:15 PM Tuesday, terrifying students. According to KRON 4, the police believe the teen girl who was shot may have been the intended target.

Four male suspects dressed in dark hoodies and dark jeans fled the scene of the shooting, but it is unclear if a getaway car was used. SFUSD Interim Superintendent Myong Leigh said the suspects were not students.

“Our understanding at this time is that a small group of outsiders unaffiliated with the school came to campus around the time of school dismissal, targeting a particular student for reasons that are presently unclear,” the superintendent wrote in a statement released Wednesday. “Sadly, four students were injured during the incident.”

A manhunt is underway to locate the four suspects still at large.

Students at the school were extremely shaken and confused by the violence. Student Nia Gastinell told CNN that she had hidden with fellow classmates underneath desks, and was instructed by a school administrator to stay away from the windows.

You don’t know if somebody’s going to die the next day,” Gastinell said. “Or come back and shoot again into our school.”

Some students responded Wednesday to the violence with messages written in chalk in the parking lot where the shooting took place.

Classes resumed Wednesday at June Jordan with added support available for students and staff.

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